Tenant Handbook

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Building Hours and Access

Customer Service Hours

8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. M-F


Access Control System

Tenant and Tenant's employees are issued a building access card for entry into the Building. Access cards are required and must be used for entry into the Building at all times. An authorized tenant representative can request access cards by contacting the Management Office 215 567 7412 or issue a request through the tenant portal.

Please remember to notify Security immediately if an access card is lost / stolen or incur a change in an employee status so that the card(s) may be deactivated.


Moving Hours

Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance. All tenant Move-Ins or Move-Outs must be commence after 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Saturday and Sunday moves can occur with advance notice to the Building Management Office at 215 567 7412.

Important: Please note that in advance of your move, the Management Office must receive a Certificate of Insurance from the vendor meeting the proper insurance requirements.  Please contact the Management Office so we can forward the requirements to the insurance company. Our fax number is 215 977 9397


Tenant 24-Hour Access

Shorenstein provides its tenants with secured twenty-four hour, seven days a week access to the building. Security is provided by a combination of electronic monitoring and security staff. An authorized card key access is needed in order to gain access to tenant floors.


Access for Visitors and Guest 

All visitors and guest will be screened by Security. Tenants must pre-register their visitors or guest through the Visitor Access system. All non-registered visitors / guest are required to provide identification to Security who will then need to verify with the tenant representative that access is approved.


Contractors and Vendor Access

The Management Office must be informed in advance of any contractors / vendors (carpet cleaning, telecommunications, etc.) coming into the Building. Please provide the contractor's name, approximate arrival time and a brief description on the purpose of the visit.

A current Certificate of Insurance must be on file with the Management Office prior to the start of any work.

Please contact our office at 215 567 7412 in advance to verify that your contractor / vendor certificate is on file and current.