Tenant Handbook

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Evacuation Purpose

The purpose of this plan is to provide for the safe and orderly evacuation of personnel and visitors in the event of an emergency situation. This plan contains procedures on how to report an emergency, what to do and who will assist you. The procedures outlined in this plan are to be followed unless otherwise directed by police or fire department officials. In order to establish a safe and orderly plan of evacuation, employees should become familiar with the building emergency equipment and this emergency plan.


Statement of Policy

This plan has been developed with the knowledge that there is no such thing as a “fire-proof” building and that education, preparation and rehearsal are essential to a successful emergency evacuation plan.


Evacuation Procedures

If an individual smells smoke or sees a fire, a pull station box must be pulled. If there is time, ensure that the Fire Department is alerted by calling 911. Then, call the Building Management Office at 215 567 7412.

Evacuation procedures shall begin upon hearing a fire alarm or as otherwise instructed by emergency personnel (i.e., Fire Wardens/Suite Monitors, Building Management or Fire Department officials).


Evacuation Procedure for Individuals with an Impairment or Disability
The Floor Warden should maintain an up-to-date list of all persons with an impairment or disability on their floor and document it in firelifesafety.aus.com. Please note that persons with an impairment or disability may not appear to be so. Such individuals may include those with a heart condition or other ailment(s), which are not immediately apparent. We recommend asking each individual if they would be able to evacuate without assistance in an emergency. Those individuals should be directed to a “safe room.” This room is a window office, preferably a corner office with a telephone. The Floor Warden should compile a list, which will include the following information about the persons with an impairment or disability:

  • Name
  • Suite number, location and telephone extension of the safe room Type of impairment
  • Type of equipment needed to evacuate, if any

A system should be implemented wherein the Floor Warden will assign two assistants to the person(s) with an impairment or disability. Assistant #1 will remain with the individual with an impairment or disability while Assistant #2 exits the building and provides information to the Fire Department personnel. The person(s) with an impairment or disability should not be left alone until the evacuation plans are in place.

NOTE: Persons with an impairment or a physical disability may include any of the following:

  • Persons with a permanent disability (i.e., permanent back problem, wheelchair user, etc.); persons with a temporary disability (i.e., broken leg, broken arm, sprained ankle, on crutches, etc.); or other impairments (mental or psychological);
  • Pregnant women;
  • Any other person who requests assistance;
  • Once the Fire Department arrives, their instructions should be followed immediately.